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Certification and Permitting


A Certified Building is a building which is built to a published enginnering standard. Many carport manufacturers say they certify their units. The question is, to what specification? Our standard “non-certified” metal structures are built to withstand a 20 lbs. snow load and 90 mph 3 second wind gusts when installed on engineer-approved foundations. Our certified structures will meet or exceed this standard. In certain areas, especially those with high winds or heavy snow, a higher rating will be required by the local Building Department. We can build and certify our buildings to these higher standards to make sure both you and your building inspector are happy with your structure. Our certified buildings come with a robust 20 year warranty.

Some local jurisdictions require that you certify any building and others that only require certifications on some classes of buildings. We are prepared to provide you with generic engineering plans with your paid order. If your jurisdiction requires "site-specific plans" for your building at your location, we can produce these plans for an extra fee. Once approved, we can begin fabricating your order. For more information, see our Installation Page.


Permitting is not required everywhere for every size structure, but it may be required in your area. You will need to check with your local Building Department to see if you need a building permit prior to the installation of your metal structure. Due to the number of jurisdictions and the multiplicity of local codes, we cannot obtain your permit for you. We can, however, help guide you through the process and supply you with what information you need to get the job done. We offer free generic plans for our standard structures with your paid order of a certified unit. For many projects this is sufficient. If, however, your Building Department requires “site-specific plans” which detail how your particular building will be built upon your site, we can have our engineers create these plans for you for an additional fee.

Foundations for Metal Structures: We do not lay foundations. We always recommend a concrete slab foundation with a solid 12” footing for load-bearing walls of most single and double-wide buildings, and larger foundations for taller and wider structures. We have engineering recommendations available for standard buildings, and we can provide site-specific plans for an additional fee. We measure our units by the roof line, so a 12’ x 21’ carport’s footprint is 12’ x 20’ outside to outside. So you would need to pour your foundation a minimum of 12’ 6” x 20’ 6”.Concrete footings or moblie home anchors are always required for certified installed structures. Check with your building department for proper footing requirements.When we build on an engineer-approved cement foundation, anchoring is included with your installation price. We use an expansion anchoring system, not pre-installed “J-Bolts.” If you are building on a surface other than concrete, we can make recommendations for alternative anchoring systems and install them for an additional fee. See our illustration of Anchors, HERE.

Plot Plans: Your building department may ask for plot plans for your location. A plot plan is an outline and general measurement of your property with your existing structures on it and where you intend to install your metal structure. We do not create these for you, but fortunately they are not difficult to make, especially with a little help from Google Maps. Building Departments want to make sure that your proposed building isn't overlapping an easement, crossing a property line or otherwise going against local building codes. You can see a sample of a Plot Plan, HERE.

If you build a structure on your property without first obtaining a building permit where a permit is required, your code enforcement agency can make you either move the structure, or even take it down completely. This is true no matter who builds your structure.


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