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Considerations when buying a Metal Structure


What kind of Roof you choose will depend upon several factors. Are you mostly looking for protection from the sun? Then a Standard Roof will probably be the most economical choice for you. Or do you have significant wind or snow in your area? If so, perhaps a Vertical Roof might be better. Do you want your carport roof to match the look of the roofs around it? Most homes are A-Frame style, so our Boxed Eave and our Vertical Roofs would be a good style choice. If you want a building longer than 31', we always recommend a Vertical Roof both for its strength and its ability to resist leaking.

Standard Carport

Standard Roof

A Standard Horizontal Roof is our most economical and popular roof style. The corrugated ridges run from end to end and gracefully curve down towards the sides. If you choose to add walls, they merge together seamlessly, providing elegant and economical protection. It is an ideal shade shelter. If heavy rain, wind or snow is not a concern, this is an excellent and economical choice.

Boxed Eave Carport

Boxed Eave Roof

Using an A-Frame sheathed in horizontal panels running from front to back, the Bozed Eave Roof is a classic design which blends well with existing traditional A-Frame structues such as most homes. Our illustration above shows extra panels intalled for additional shade. Fully enclosed, this style makes a handsome garage.

Vertical Roof Carport

Vertical Roof Style

The Vertical Roof is the sturdiest of the three roof styles. It starts out with the classic A-Frame look, and then adds extra support called Hat Channel. Vertically aligned panels are attached to the Hat Channel. We recommend this style roof for any building over 31' long. Vertical Roofs are not only stronger, but also superior at shedding rain and snow. If wind, rain or snow is a concern for you, this is the roof style to choose.


You need to ask yourself, "What am I covering?" Will your carport or garage be wide enough for the vehicle or equipment for which you intend to shelter in it? An 18' Wide Carport might hold two compact cars, but if you have a couple of full-sized cars or trucks, you will want a carport at least 22' wide. For three vehicles we recommend at least a Triple Wide structure of 26' - 30' Wide. But for those REALLY big jobs, our Extra Wide buildings would be for you. All buildings over 30' wide will require special engineering and Site-Specific Plans for permitting at an addtional cost.

All measurements begin with the roof, measuring the length and the width allowing for a 6” overhang on each end. So a 12’ x 21’ Carport would be 12’ Wide, and have a Base Rail length of 20’.

Also consider the length of your building. If you are putting a vehicle into your garage, you will want make sure that you will have the clearance to roll down the garage door. Another two feet can make all the difference. Our typical lengths are from 21' to 51' with six inches of roof overhang on each end. But if you need something longer, we can certainly do that for you.

Leg Height is the length of the leg up to the start of the bow of the roof. All of our buildings are measured by their Leg Height, not the peak of the Roof. Make sure you have enough clearance for what you are sheltering. If you have an RV, make sure there is enough clearance to get in and out, and also that there is enough clearance on top. Wider structures tend to give you more clearance, but If you have opted for extra trusses and bracing, or if you have a roll-up door, remember that this will also take up some room under the roof. For Single and Double Wide Carports in areas without a lot of snow, we can generally build structures with a leg height of 12' before we have to go to a heavier, doubled leg system. Any structure with a leg height of over 12' will require Site-Specific Plans at an additional cost. Our maximum leg height is 16’. Wider buildings will have a higher peak height for the same leg height. Internal bracing and trusses may lower the amount of effective clearance. If the structure is above 12’ in height, a fork lift will be required to perform the installation, and you will be subject to rental fees. Ask your sales representative to help you figure out exactly what you need.

For larger buildings at economical prices, also check out our BARNS.

Single Wide Carport

Single & Double Wide

Single Wide and Double Wide Garages are our most requested size for home and shop use. If you plan to store a single car, truck or boat a single-wide unit of 12’ will work. However for two full-sized cars or trucks, a 24’ unit would be better. Give yourself room to get in and out of your vehicle.For more information, click HERE.

Triple Wide Carport

Triple Wide Structures

A Triple Wide Metal Structure will take care of two cars and a boat or any of your larger needs. Triple-wide structures run from 26' to 30' wide. Taller structures may need double legs and other re-inforcement. For more information, click HERE.

Extra Wide Carport

Extra Wide Structures

Extra Wide Structures give you up to 40 feet of clear space. Due to their size, they may require special certifications and permitting in some areas. For more information, click HERE.


The gauge, or thickness of the metal tube frames, will determine its durability under specific stresses - whether it is a carport, a tall RV shelter, or a monster garage. Our frames are all made of strong and tough galvanized steel to withstand the elements. Our most economical frame is the industry standard 14 gauge square tube. Our strongest frame is 12 gauge square tube which we recommend for any structure that will have higher wind or snow stresses, or for any taller or larger building. All of our units are designed to withstand a 20 pound snow load and up to 105 mph three second wind gusts when installed on an engineer-approved foundation. Snowy or windy location? Not a problem. We can strengthen your building with extra bracing and welded trusses. Ask about our Santa Ana Wind Package or our Big Bear Snow Package to upgrade your order.


Frame Tubing Sizes

Metal Frame Gauges

Our Metal Structures can be made out of several different types of Tubing. One of our most popular types is 15 gauge 2" x 3" rectangular tubing. Engineers rate this as similarly strong as 12 gauge tubing but at a lower price. This frame has not been certified and is not available in all areas.

Our most popular frame is our 14 gauge 2.5" square tubing. It is the industry standard for small and medium-sized carports and garages where wind and snow is not a high concern. It is economical and yet strong enough all standard duty uses. This frame can be certified in most areas up to an 8' Leg Height.

Frame Bow at its peak

Our strongest framing tube is our 12 gauge 2.25" square tubing. It is extremely rigid and durable and is required for taller, certified buildings. It is able to stand high wind and snow conditions. If you need a frame that can deal with high stress, this is the gauge to pick.

Our frames are precision formed to exact specification so that whether we install it or you do, it will be strong and look great.

Big Building Frame Construction

Larger Metal Structures

When you order a taller structure, you won't just get a bigger version of a small building. Our larger and taller buildings are built from the ground up to handle the much greater stresses of their size. We will double the supports and weld in extra supports to make sure your biggest buildings will serve you for years to come.


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