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Single & Double Wide Metal Buildings

Single Wide Structures

Double Wide Structures

Single and Double Wide Structures

Single Wide carports and garages will hold your car, truck, boat, and can make a great little workshop when enclosed. Our customers have found them perfect for bike and ATV sheds, and taller units can enclose a Coach or Motorhome.

Double Wide Units are convenient structures for medium-sized jobs. They make a perfect two-car carport or garage. They have plenty of space for your home workshop or to protect your boat and ATVs.

If you plan to store a single car, truck or boat a single-wide unit of 12’ will work. However if you plan to store a truck or RV, we would recommend a wider 18’ unit. For two compact to midsized cars, a 22’ unit would work well. For two full-sized cars, trucks a 24’ unit would be better. Give yourself room to get in and out of your vehicle. A Typical length for a Carport or Garage for mid-sized vehicles is 21' long. However, if you want to add a wash room or work space, we can extend the structure to 26', 36' or longer. For a single mid-sized car, a 5' Leg Height on a 12' wide carport will generally be sufficient. But if you have taller vehicles or just want a little more headroom, conside a leg height of 6' or more. If you are storing an RV motorcoach, give yourself plenty of head clearance. Don't forget to include antennas and rails on top of your RV when you take your measurements. If you have opted for extra trusses and bracing, or if you have a roll-up door, remember that this will also take up some room under the roof. Ask your sales representative to help you figure out exactly what you need.

Open carports and shades are naturally ventilated so they are very popular in warm climates,. Fully enclosed carports give you the best protection at a great price. Our workshops and tack sheds give you both. Our prices include delivery and installation on standard installations where you have provided a level concrete slab foundation. You can also purchase our do-it-yourself carport kit with prefabricated components for quick and easy installation at a discounted price. Vertical roofs are recommended for buildings over 31 feet long for extra strength and to prevent leaks. We recommend the Santa Ana Upgrade for areas with high winds or in jurisdictions that require extra support for open-frame buildings. In Snow-prone areas, we recommend the Big Bear Snow Package which will give you extra legs, bows and bracing, and offers welded trusses on larger builidings. Structures over 22 feet wide with a Leg Height of over 12 feet tall may require heavier leg and frame reinforcement than smaller buildings. CHECK LOCAL CODES.


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