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Adding to your Existing Carport or Garage

A fully enclosed garage or workshop is the best protection for your vehicle, shop and goods. It will protect them from sun, rain, snow, and debris and provide a higher level of security than an open building. We can match the orientation of your existing panels, horizontal or verticall. For our largest buildings, stronger vertical construction is standard.


Turn your Carport into a Garage

Additions to your Carport

If we built you a carport and you want additions or if you want your carport enclosed as a garage, we can do that for you. It is great way to spread out costs over two separate builds. We can add extra panels for shade, or fully enclose your structure with sides and ends in your choice of colors. To see your color options, CLICK HERE.

Once you have chosen your colors, you also have a choice of orienting those panels horizontally or vertically. Due to their extra bracing, vertical panels are stronger and less prone to leaking. We recommend vertical panels on all structures over 31' long.

Windows and Doors

You also have your choice of windows, walk-in doors, and roll-up doors to give you light and access into your garage. If you want large side-openings, we will have to modify your frame and install headers at an additional cost. For choices of windows and doors, CLICK HERE.

When we upgrade your original structure, we will look at the overall condition of your existing structure. If it needs repairs we can offer you that service. Warranties for all new construction is limited to the warranty of the original installation. There will be a delivery fee of $100.00 if the add on is less than $795.



Adding a Lean-to

Sometimes, not even the biggest buildings are big enough. Or maybe you just need to add a shop to your existing garage. We can add a lean-to on your foundation and connect it to your existing building to give you the room you need for your project. You will also have all the same choices in framing, panel colors and doors and windows as you would have on any of our enclosed buildings.


Adding an addition will require the same planning and and preparation as your original installation. Your site must be level and cleared. There will also be a connection fee for integrating your new build into your existing structure. installation. When you're done, you should have all the room you need at a great price.


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